this is so cute.....

quarta-feira, março 12, 2014 Kakaw Denimore 0 Comments

this is so cute was the first thing I thought when I saw this beautiful creature in a photo of a blogguer. Right then I thought: I need to buy! Little did I know, he still had animations! Has to be more perfect?? Definitely not! It was love at first sight! How was love at first sight also the new skin Diana (New faces). Particularly I love the skins that store, love the strong pulls, and the definition of these skin, also like the skin tones of eyebrows options! Chose the olive tone , and my eyes are from ikon! In my "rl" I have a collection of jumpsuits and overalls, I think a versatile piece, which is good for all types of environments. Of course in sl it would be no different, h'' so many good choices! This piece I found worth hitting the islands, it was a pleasant surprise! Let the style card?

Skin NEW 
New Faces - Diana Skin 
Hair NEW little bones. Eden - Ombres TCF
Saloppete Mikunch     Front-hook Salopette(light blue
DECO - Classic Sneaks 
Birdy/Alchemy - Spring Babes - Fawn rare 

tysm Gwen aloix.