About reviewing

I'm accepting review copies.
The policy about what I blog is simple > >
1 > I blog I get the bloggers to participate, following the policy of each. But following the criterion above anything, which is post only what I like and that follows the style of my blog. I participate too on the blog Slextravaganza.

2 > Case you want me to blog a product from your store please
contact me inworld. Don't send me reviews before that, I will not commit myself to post everything I get no interest of both the creator and my naturally.

3 > I don't blog every day.
If I commit to blogging your item I for some reason
I can't, I will notice.

4 > I like editing and taking pictures with details that it takes a while,
If you need immediate posts, I'm not the best blogger for you.

And wanted to thank everyone who supported and who support these days.
Since I created this blog in 2010.................., friends creators and designers
they believed and trusted in what I do here. You are part of this
story here too.

More information look for me in the world.
Warm hugs.

kakaw denimore.

Tecnologia do Blogger.

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