top ~Sassy!~ The Path to Spring Hunt Gift
saia 1~Sassy!~ Spring sculpted skirt (stomach) - daffodil yellow      
saia 2 ~Sassy!~ 2-tier skirt - khaki
brincos   Sigma

biquini~Sassy!~ Bikini Top - black
tapa seio ~Sassy!~ Tape Pasties 
saia jeans ~Sassy!~ Denim mini-skirt - frayed medium
acessórios brinco 1 Mandala/ Sigma/bracelete Zaara.

calça mais top mais luva preto  black ~Sassy!~ Idol - leather
vestido vermelho  ~Sassy!~ Seduction dress - wine
brincos  Sigma

top    ~Sassy!~ Wet n Wild tank top - ice blue
camisa ~Sassy!~ City Girl button-down shirt - plum
calças ~Sassy!~ Latex Capris - silver /black

biquini branco com chapéu ~Sassy!~ Cowgirl - white
vestido ~Sassy!~ Velocity dress - cerulean
cabelo 1 Cricri  cabelo 2 Elikatira

~Sassy!~ Trouble dress - camouflage

body verde~Sassy!~ Obsession camisk - Hunt for RP2 Gift
macacão latex ~Sassy!~ Nevermore jumpsuit lower - stars male


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