●••●*Les Petits Détails*●••●Vintage and Sweet●••●

*Les Petits Détails* By Nevery Lorakeet
*Les Petits Détails* By Nevery Lorakeet

*Les Petits Détails* By Nevery Lorakeet

Skin NEW  *LpD*   Skins - *Nora* 70s Breast 2 Tanned Vintage Fair 2012
 Eyeshadow  *Nora* Alternative Darker Eyebrows
Hair *booN YNO421 hair gold/blonde/sandy


Hairbase "LoQ Hairs" Hairbase - Sand Blonde
Lashes  Laqroki ~ Mascara 01 Black

Nails ::je suis...naive Nails v.2::BASIC NAILS


Dress NEW *LpD* - *Honey* Dress  beige and blue.Vintage Fair 2012
Shoes  [Diktator]-HEAT


Bangles (Milk Motion) My gold cuffs
Bangles Izzie's - Bangles gold silver
Earrings LaGyo_Maud earrings gold
Headbend  LaGyo  Catalina headbend gold

ABS Poses Soap Bubble

Dfashionlovers Wow!
How much quality he has in Vintage Fair this year * .. *
I always I loved the skins of Lpd, why always liked definition and characteristics so
 delicate, one sample
 that I have used it a lot and a skin has been "Mela", it was love at first view!
Now the designer(Nevery Lorakeet)

 has created "Nora", following the style of features were delicate
 and full mouth of course depends on its shape, but loved a result of how was.!
         Come with the option of mouth rather naturally and mouths colors or the same style 
have used in this last picture post, pin-up style, and favorable situation, since fashion 
over that whole month shall be the vintage!
Ready to talk about dressed?
          OMG, where's my crystal shoe, princess dress she will as the I have already!
Of course, there is today, she lavishes talent, good taste, lightness creating in dresses ..
they seem to have own life .. looking here ... feel the wind knocking on tail.; Fascinating!
        Ahhh, and before you finish, I thank Nevery by into the family Dfashionlovers.

Thank you the confidence;
    Shoes??(Usermane) An old model but I not get tired to use! Is perfect with skirts, dress 
pants, actually one of his best creations in my view!

              And what would a princess without jewels?
So much gold, squandering wealth in the eyes, of course, a golden quality, with the
 boldness of one thousand motion, with the not so basic and Izzie's earrings and almost
 lagyo crown!
Yes but now, butterfly bubbles and light ......
Until the next post Dfashionlovers; ...
I still have not went away and I'm miss you!

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