●••●Willow Closed●••●


Shirt Willow~ Scalloped Shirt (MESH) Ghost - S
Skirt   Willow~ ~ Maxi Skirt - Cobalt (M)
Hair LOGO Melissa - Cobalt (freebie hair fair 2012)
HeadBand  GizzA - TUTU [Dark Fairy] 
Poses Focus Model.

Dfashionlovers hello, okay?
I have a good is bad news kkkkk
Which do you prefer first?
Okay ... let me think ...
I understand ..
the bad news is that more a creativity talented, (Weezey Warwillow)
the owner of a store prestigious within the grid is closing down its doors, 
got the news and went to the store and found items with great texture, quality, and 
high fashion ..
the good news'' and that everything is at a special price!!
Underwear, accessories, slippers, clothes and articles how mesh those that I posted
 gorgeous .. you know, so enjoy, the store will be open until Aug. 31.
Great shopping!!

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