Urban set

Denimore Fashion Mix

Denimore Fashion Mix

Skin  the body co. Ivy  (05 Sunkissed) blonde hair
Eyes  .ID. August Gift
Hair .b - rebel rebel - dark blondes


Jump[monso] My Overall - Dark Blue
Top ~CoLoReTa's:] flOral laCe tOp {flOral pink} S A L E 
Sneaks**DECO - MESH Classic Sneaks (white)**


Glasses  MG Limited Bazaar! - SunGlasses - Positano Parasol - 60's Classic
Earrings Zaara : Anjami Chandelier earrings 

Poses Prop :: Focus Poses Skateboard Set ::

Hello Dfashionlovers! I miss you;
I've been a busy week with that good that Saturday and reached
I brought a different style than I usually post, but I love it too much,
What is the urban style.
Let's talk about this? What do you guys think that we changed our wow analysis ...
To start with I love the curls so beautiful analog, I remember that it was the first store
you a while ago that I saw the bunches, they have improved and now continue to be
The best... Let me down and take a look at this gorgeous top shops of ColOReTaS, and
know what is better? The store is 50%, a good time to know who does not
meet and hang out with some bags ...
Now to talk about this "overall" the monso found that a maximum sizes are super
mesh adjustable in addition be much easier now that the curves of the body
parties are not linked, i.e. you can use a larger size in the lower and the upper part of the size of a
minors and, therefore, nothing is left or press the creator (morphine Janick) thought
And the retro-style sneakers shop Deco very interesting a rereading of old all star,
old Yes, even more used and having some modern touches, such as mesh, textures
and not so new, lending an air of used shoes. . I don't usually use a lot of sneakers,
but this difficult ta take the walk ... I really loved.
The glasses is a shop which met in limited edition Bazzar, it comes with three differently
s to use and be a mega price special.
And to close with a golden key this pose prop ultra mega hyper cool poses of focus, they
really know what to do ... and now, after reading this post, why not build your
look and call your friends for a leisurely skate urban streets of Second Life virtual decay
is a great suggestion ... maybe, we see there, or here in the next post ...

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