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DFashionlovers Hello! Are you well? I am well and happy, because from today until October 31 will be an event occurring mega cool themes like romance, horror, suspense and more will be on display. I'm mega excited to see! For starters I got the brilliant designer of hair Mina (Mina nakamura) with this hair mask cat woman! Of course I ran to make a photo because I know that would be great, because the quality is very good mascara! Along comes a hud with various shades of hair. I love it! I confess I do not know what we will find at the fair, but I'm posting here what I find most interesting. Stay tuned for next post, surely many surprises are good for coming!

Cinema : Cat woman"
Hair MINA Hair - KAT - blogger Fatpack for CINEMA 
thanks MINA <3

More informations :

To prepare popcorn and ensures your ticket!
We see ourselves between one session and another!
xoxo *..*

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