Gizza /Zibska /Vanity hair News releases

Gizza and Zibska News releases DFashionlovers Hello! how are you? 
I'm happy, I was changing the blog and hope you enjoyed! 
I am too happy for the excellent sponsors who have, as the store Gizza for example that needs no comment! 
  And I wanted to welcome this beautiful jewelry shop that is Zibska! I received this wonderful set of Gizza that comes with the bag and decided to merge with that shade of gold! Wanted to give a touch of elegance and a twinkle in casual clothes and elegant! pants with the "bell mouth" that detail off the bar, gives an air of haute couture and tailoring the part! 
The hair is newly launch of Vanity! We will only style card!

Gizza and Zibska News releases Gizza and Zibska News releases
Hair Vanity Hair:Closer-Jet Black
Outfit GizzA - Espresso Break - Black - Outfit (Include Bag)

Hat LaGyo_Blackdrop hat Burgundy
Set (earrings/neck) Zibska ~ Zivit in Gold & Copper SALE
Neck  Long LaGyo_Hamptons necklace
Nails Mstyle Long Nails - Elegant

Thanks Giz  seon
Thanks Zib Scaggs
Thanks Tabata Jewell

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