All white now ..........I'm back ..

dfashionlovers hello .. <3
How are you?

I walked a long time without posting! Yes I know, and believe me, I really miss it ....

walked with other projects thanks to my blog, some doors were opened in other areas, and I'm enjoying the chance.
It happened some health issues with my grandmother Rl, she is 100 years old ... and is going through a difficult phase, and so, I was unwilling to be logged, just wanting to be near her and trying to force my family! !!

One thing I learned .. we have to take all the time possible here, because when we are away, it is very much needed!!
I intend to return with full force!!

Let's put "catch up"??

Those of you who follow this blog might have noticed that we now have a male model that whenever you can will help with your style and charm gautran Leon .. I'm very pleased with their participation! You are beautiful and have great taste, my Official WELCOME!!

OTHER news ...
I Seii not thank you enough, but in the midst of this bad moment I had an excellent news: 100,000 visits!!!
I was very very very happy ...
Many thanks to all who follow me, every visit here, comment, all this is very important.
I love all you guys ... and I missed it all ..

ai ai ...
no more ...
let's get to today's style card, which I did in my new patio home, with crisp neutral colors, following a casual and sexy at the same tempo.Eu DFashionlovers hope you like it!!


Hope you like the look of my suggestion.

Top Mesh *X*plosion Layover Mesh Top (Cereals)
Pants New :FANATIK: Leather leggings White Fameshed
Hair [y] Breathe - Roots
Glasses Letituer. Amerie - Grey
Earring Finesmith Heart2Heart earrings gold
Nails Izzie's - Long Metallic Nails


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