I came back full of missed
it's hard to get away from here, stay away from sl, far from fashion ...
what good am I always getting the affection of all DFashionlovers, which also help me when I need to to update.
I'll do a series of post about specifically "jumpsuit"
Which to me is a fundamental part of any woman in the inventory.
He spends the same time, by having a refinement in one piece all the elements to dress well.
I hope you like the combinations, it was made ​​with love for you.
I love you so much!!!

And for starters,
...... luxury and refinement single store Celoe.

Hair !lamb. Blush (Mesh) - Ombre & Root Pack
Necklace [MANDALA]Rocking Friday![SINRA jewelry set/moss green
JUMPSUIT [celoe.audrey.jumpsuit.pear]
Bag NYU - Pastel Brushed Leather Bag, Biege 

Thanks NyuNyu Kimono <3

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