Casual/Pink (i' back fashionlovers)

Oh it's so good to say this: I went back !!
And here I am thinking, I am that my readers are still here? !!
I changed and they should also have changed so much, some will have stopped playing?
Who I will now blogging? Will these readers know the clothes that were just textures on the skin, or will readers was "fitted mesh"!
Old like me or not, I hope you are just readers.
I went back after many years standing, I tried to go back a few times but never worked.
marriage family studies, houses of changes, I lost my grandmother, my father almost lost my mother, I lost friends, I gained other ... change jobs, neighborhoods ... houses and lastly and most importantly, I gained a son !

Today I am a mother, and this requires me a lot of time and dedication, and I intend that between one range to another, I may be doing what they always loved: Blogging!
I hope to have the support of all, I might take a while to get back to catch the "way" and make the shape or better than it was before ...
.... The important thing now is not quantity but quality ... I can add something positive or just inform right.
'm Very happy to be back! Wish I never left, but it was necessary and change is part!

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