Jump Formal /Peqe

One of my favorites.
It's a recent release of Peqe, who was performing at the Zodiac Event this month, but also being sold in their store.
I loved the fit, this sensually collar that falls on your lap, leaving an air of sexy and at the same time the formal look.
Nothing vulgar.
It is a mix of elegance, I love the textures and real cores, while Contemporary.
To close look, the new hair from Magika which also comes with a new pack of colors, much better ...
That necklace is beautiful and gorgeous and beautiful as the subtle Zibska, great for those who want to wear something stylish but is not heavy or overload the look.
And of course .. the perfect clutch to wear with any style of LPD.
I hope you liked the suggestion is until the next post.
Jump 3 Hair NEW Magika [03] Plenty
JUMPSUIT Peqe - Pisces Jumpsuit_Grey
Neck NEW  Zibska ~ Laudine (Thanks)
Earrings Zibska ~ Udo Deux Earrings  (Thanks)
Bangles The Sea Hole - Parisian Bangles  Mango 
Bag *LpD* - *Garbo* Clutch Monochrome Gold  (Thanks)

Thanks Zib Scaggs and Nevery!!!!!!!!

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