t r a m/ HF16

Tram By Moca Loup.

Continuing on the highlights of this year's HF, is of course not
could miss * t r a m *.
I really like the hair style that store, follows the style that I value greatly in looks, thestripped!
Loose wires, nothing too tidy, too flat ... it passes an effect
very cool, especially on photos.
I am of those that buy something and I can see how it's going to be
in the photos. Haha, and if using hair from the t r a m I know issues
are not necessary.
The releases are short hair, with bangs, with unique style
the creator, by the way, I always need a short hair
always sought to see the options that the store offers.
It is very difficult to highlight one that I liked, but the Court let the "neck shows" (tram F519 ) I found sexy and youthful. It's like WOOOW that
It's really good.
The textures are with cooler tones, this makes the blond mostly
more real.
Also has a beautiful gift, try the demos, choose your
"short" that best adapt to your style ... and as I always say ...
stay beautiful < 3

Thanks Moca Loup,
for all the support today and always.

Prices: 350L$$
1100 Fatpack.

Tram in world
Tram Hair Fair
Tram Flickr.

Free gift for Hair Fair 2016tram x Hair Fair 2016

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