**DP**YumYum By toraji Voom.
This definitely is the fair which I like best.
I think second life has an edge in this aspect of cooperatives.
Add a time for releases of hair that always calls
much attention and attach a noble cause in a virtual reality game
a great idea ".
I love hair, and always liked to cover of all editions
earlier. This time a lot has changed, time is a rarity, but this time I always give a way to attend. And I'm going to do a series of post with
the highlights for me this issue.
For starters, a store that I hadn't met (happens when
you get months without playing):))
I like this style "girl", and the textures are many good, and loose threads,
cuts well ... but what I liked most is the textures.
Has the ombres hair well unequal that make more natural yet.
There's still a difference this store you can purchase models
of fringe of hair, well stripped and jovial and attach with other hair from the store.
The brand, it seems to mebe Japanese.
And each hair costs 300 lidens.
The links are below, enjoy and stay beautiful and help a
cause so important.
Marketplace Store.
YumYum Hair Fair.
Flickr Toraji.

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